Once the site is live, I hope that we can introduce a 'Quotation Database' to which visitors may contibute as well as enjoy. I did begin one of these at the old site - see http://www.advaita.org.uk/resources/quote_sages.htm for the 'sorted by author' version and http://www.advaita.org.uk/resources/quote_topics.htm for the 'sorted by topic' one. Accordingly, the data to be input will simply be the quotation itself, who said it, and the topic heading under which it should be placed. The sensible thing would seem to be to have the same list of topics as is used for the articles and the Question and Answer section.

 So start looking for your favorites and writing them down so that you can add them as soon as the facility is available! Here is one new one to start the ball rolling. This is on the topic of 'Finding a guru' and is from Swami Dayananda (unfortunately, since I noted it down some time ago, I don't know the source! - slapped wrist!):

 There is a statement, though: "It takes a wise man to know a wise man." If you are a wise man, then you don't need another wise man to become wise; if you are otherwise, you need a wise man, but because you are otherwise, you cannot discern him. So you are in a helpless situation. Therefore, the criterion for a wise man, I tell you finally-the way to find out whether he is wise or not-is if he makes you wise. Then he knows. That is the only criterion, and there is none other because the forms his compassion can assume are very varied, and with all our actions we don't always console people.