Dr. R Krishnamurthy Sastrigal delivers Valedictory Address

Sri Sastrigal has a long and outstanding record of presiding over and participating in Vidvat-sadas (seminars) conducted by distinguished institutions like the Sringeri Math, the Kanchi Math and also the Maths of the Dvaita and Vi?i???dvaita schools of Vedanta. His expositions in the seminars have always evoked the admiration of great scholars and the Pontiffs of the various Maths. In recognition of his scholarship and method of exposition, Sri Sastrigal has been awarded the following coveted titles:

‘Veda-bh??ya-ratnam’ by the Kanchi Math.
‘Ved?nta-vi??rada’ by the Shankaracharya of Sringeri Sharada Peetham.
‘Advaitasiddhi-ratn?kara’ by the Sudharma-rakshana Parishad, Tenali.