Prof V Swaminathan’s talk on Ishwara as per Advaita school of Vedanta

10. Prof. V.Swaminatha Sastri is a rare combination of depth of traditional and modern scholarship.
He was Professor of Vedanta in the Kendriya Vidya Peetha, Tirupathi and later Principal of Guruvayur Samskrita Vidya Peetha, Kerala.
He has participated in many Vaakyartha sadas, Pandita Parishads and also in many conferences and seminars in many parts of India.
He is highly respected by both traditional and modern scholars in Sanskrit and Philosophy.
He is also the recipient of the Certificate of Merit from the President of India.
We thank him for accepting to preside of the session on Purva Mimamsa and also to deliver lecture on the concept of ISVARA