Meenakshi Abbaraju, Thursday, July 30, 2015 8:43 am

The Unfading Garden

Budding flowers keen to disseminate aroma

Life sprouting, thriving; colors and fragrance effloresce 

Losing myself in the buds of emotions and seasoned thoughts

Seems barren in this generous offering

Needling thorns abrade me, yet bother me not

For the varicolored garden replenishes me with delight

Bethinking myself of consciousness behind the varied cosmos

Trees bedecked with fruits, plants adorned by mirthful clusters

Baffling me, are the bearers accommodating or the ornaments altruistic?

Apprising me again of universal correlation

Bees swarming the lush blooms, bustling and humming, 

Garnering nectar, never losing a moment

Counseling me to abide in the abundance that I am,

Inhaling the aroma of all pervasiveness, fragrance of oneness

Discerning the ambrosia of non-duality.

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