Anandhi Jayashankar, Saturday, April 30, 2016 11:09 pm

Why a Vedantin seems Heartless?

Very often people accuse a vedantin of being heartless, cold, inhuman!! (the list is endless). He seems to be incapable of expressing emotions and feelings. It is almost as though he is a stone incapable of understanding. Well, the converse is true!!

Yes, it is true! He is the most compassionate, understanding and truly capable of loving this world. It seems to be an oxymoron, but then that is the beauty of a Vedantin.

Deep understanding, backed by an endless capacity to shower love and affection on the world is the hallmark of a true vedantin. External manifestations differ, but internal state is peace and love for all.

We have to appreciate the fact that a vedantin is a person whose intellect is 100% available and his body and mind are well controlled. He obviously will not allow the mind to take over in any extreme circumstance. This controlled behavior is not something the world will understand.

All of us today are led by expressions that are close to insane. We believe in being emotional and sentimental. But most of us do not realize how superficial our behavior is. There is no depth in the emotions or sentiments we express.

A vedantin on the other hand expresses true emotions. He holds true sentiments in his heart. His outward expression is very mild and sometimes non-existent.

This is the truth that few realize. Of course, to truly appreciate the state of a vedantin, one has to reach that state. It is exactly like the man who stands at the foothills and tries to see the peak of the mountain covered by clouds. He has to climb the mountain, raise himself and then will he be able to appreciate the loftiness of the mountain. Not otherwise!!

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