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Narayaneeyam, an exquisite poetic work of epic proportions is suffused with Vedanta philosophy.

Swamini Atmaprakashananda


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Wed 02 Sep 2020

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Event Type: Weekly

Narayaneeyam of Sri Narayana Bhatta

Sriman Narayaneeyam is the story of Lord Sriman Narayana. It is a devotional hymn in Sanskrit Language consisting of 1036 Slokas or verses divided into 100 Dasakams or chapters each Dasakam consisting of ten verses or more. Composed by Melpatthur Sri Narayana Bhattaji of Kerala, in adoration of the presiding deity”Sri Guruvayurappan” of the shrine of Guruvayoor in Kerala. It is a condensed version, the quintessence of Srimad Bhagavata Mahapuranam consisting of 18000 verses authored by Sage Veda Vyasa.

As the story goes, the Author Sri Narayana Bhattaji voluntarily transferred on to himself ,the ailment of paralysis from his Guru in order to save his life. In the process he himself became paralatyic. He then got himself carried to the shrine at Guruvayur where he could take shelter at the feet of the Lord.With ardent devotion he composed this work at the rate of a Dasakam a day.At the end of the 100th day, when he completed all the 100 dasakams, he had the most glorious vision of the Lord and was completely cured of his ailment.

Narayaneeyam, an exquisite poetic work of epic proportions is suffused with Vedanta philosophy. This work is in praise of Lord Krishna
and glorifies with utmost devotion his for and attributes [saguna]and formless [nirguna] nature. It is recited by devotees as a general prayer and also a panacea for all ailments as Bhatta ji himself says ‘Vishwa Peedaa Apahatyai’- elimination of all forms of afflictions.

The classes are conducted on Zoom meetings. The meeting id to attend the same is- 7325141713.


Swamini Atmaprakashananda


Swamini Atmaprakashananda Saraswati is the Acharya of Arsha Vidya Parampara in the United Kingdom. A disciple of renowned Vedantic teacher, Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Rishikesh, her depth of expertise in traditional Advaita Vedanta shines light on even the smallest nuances of its principles, allowing her students to gain a more complete understanding.