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One of the unique contributions of Swami Parthasarathy is to derive the message of Vedanta contained in English poems.

L Ramaswamy


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Fri 29 Jan 2021

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Event Type: Weekly

Vedanta in English Poems

Self within is the very source of all wisdom. The Supreme Self finds Its fullest expression through thought, word & deed of an individual when he has risen above his little self. At the sacred moment when anyone is attuned to Atma, what flows out of him is poetry. Hence a seer is described as ‘Kavi’ or poet in Vedantic literature. Such outpourings through inspired individuals have enriched the literature in all civilizations, in all languages. They promulgate the eternal truths of life.

One of the unique contributions of Swami Parthasarathy is to derive the message of Vedanta contained in English poems and present them in a simple and effective language, comprehensible even by the youth. Here is an attempt to study Select English Poems in detail through weekly study classes , conducted by Shri L Ramaswamy.


L Ramaswamy


Shri L Ramaswamy is a senior disciple of internationally eminent philosopher & spiritual guide Swami Parthasarathy. He graduated in B.Com & ICWAI in Chennai and worked with a leading management consultant firm in Chennai for a period of two years. Shri Ramaswamy is also a member of MENSA, an international society of high IQ people. Shri Ramaswamy devoted over 5 years to intense study and research of Vedanta philosophy (knowledge of life and living) under the guidance of Swami Parthasarathy at Vedanta Academy near Pune, India. During the last 2 years of his study, he was also actively engaged in promoting the knowledge at various cities in India and abroad. Presently stationed in the city of Kolkata, India, as a senior alumnus and Research Scholar of Vedanta Academy since February 2002, Shri Ramaswamy has engaged himself to full-time propagation of knowledge through study classes and discussion groups on Vedanta. He is also the Chief Events Coordinator for Vedanta activities in Kolkata. He has addressed variegated audiences in India & abroad on practical techniques & application of Self-Management principles based on Vedanta.