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The title Vicharasagara itself shows that this ocean of inquiry deals with every aspect needed for mokSha, catering to various levels of seekers.

Praveen R. Bhat


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Sat 08 Aug 2020

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM (UTC+5.5)

Event Type: Daily

Vicharasagara of Sadhu Nischaladasa

Vicharasagara was originally in Hindi by Sadhu Nishchaladasa, translated into Sanskrit by Swami Vasudeva Brahmendra Sarasvati, with additional quotations from Shruti and Smriti to establish the authenticity of the work, with elaborate TippaNa as needed.


Praveen R. Bhat


Earlier a biomedical and software engineer for a dozen years, a full-time student of Sanskrit, vyAkaraNa and Advaita Vedanta since 2006, trained at Shivananda ashram and Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Praveen has since taught Sanskrit, vyAkaraNa, Upanishads with bhAShya (some with TIkA), prakaraNagrantha with vyAkhyA and continues to do so.