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When the associationless, self-luminous and secondless Brahman is grasped or known, there is then no triad of knower, knowing and known. So it is called infinite bliss.

Shri Vidyaranya


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Sat 27 Feb 2021

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Panchadashi – A Meaningful Daily Routine [Morning Session]

Panchadashi is a simple yet comprehensive manual of Advaita Vedanta written in the fourteenth century A.D (1386-1391) by Vidyaranya, previously known as Madhavacharya.

Pancha is five and dashi is ten, are the total fifteen chapters divided into three quintets the three aspects of Brahman, Sat, Chit and Ananda aspects of Reality.

In this Weekend with Wisdom talk, N Venkataraman will enunciate on how to the teachings of Panchadashi can be made into a meaningful daily routine.


N Venkataraman


N Venkataraman is a Senior Advocate and currently Additional Solicitor General of India for Supreme Court. He commenced practice in the year 1989 under Mr. C. Natrajan, Senior Advocate and worked under him for 14 years before commencing independent practice in June 2003 by establishing VMJ Associates at Chennai. He was designated Senior in the year 2006. Fondly known as NV among the legal fraternity, Shri N Venkataraman has completed 30 glorious years of professional practice in the fields of Indirect and Direct taxes, International Taxation and Transfer Pricing Besides the Hon’ble Supreme Court, N Venkataraman is appearing before 23 High Courts spread over various States. Through the blessings of Jagadgurus of Sri Sringeri Sarada Peetham, NV is closely associated in Veda Paripalanam through Vidya Bharathi Saanga Veda Paripalana Saba which is a Public Religious Charitable Trust for which His Holiness Sri Sri Bharati Theertha Mahaswamigal is the Sole Patron. The Trust is running a Veda Patasala and Shastra Patasala housing about 60 students and also a Goshala. NV is also managing a temple built for Goddess Bala Tirupurasundari in his father's village, and is endeavouring to nurture and support the divine and pristine Sri Vidya Upasana.