6. B.Gita- I,32 – Arjuna’s predicament

Arjuna said:
Krsna! I want neither victory, nor the kingdom, nor comforts. Govinda (Krsna)! What is the use of a kingdom or of pleasures, or of life itself to us? Bhagavad Gita I, 32

How is Arjuna viewing the situation, as the battle is about to begin ? He was ready to fight without any hesitation and the day had come for him to settle accounts and take revenge for humiliation and how he and his brothers were wronged.

Now he feels that the war is too big a price to pay since it will involve killing all his cousins, family, friends, his revered teachers Bhisma and Drona. The victory, kingdom, the pleasures he would get if he participates to this huge destruction and blood shed seem now meaningless.

What can we learn from this radical shift of attitude from Arjuna ? How is it different from Dhrtarastra’s reactions when confronted to the beginning of the war?

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