Atmajnana and its nature – 03 by Swami Shuddhabodhananda

Atmajnana – It’s Nature
Atmajnana is not a concept. It is becoming aware of one’s real nature, just as we are aware of or experience hunger, anger, sorrow, joy etc. Unfortunately, nowadays it has become difficult to find the exact nature of Atmajnana and the correct description of Moksha (liberation) as taught in Shastra. The clarity of goal and the role of means (sadhanas) is indispensable to progress on the path of liberation. These 16 videos elaborate clearly, the ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘why’, ‘how long’ etc. of this Vedantic pursuit, thoroughly corroborated by Vedanta-Pramana. This is what our Sampradaya beginning from Adiguru whether Sashiva or Narayana says.