Ishavasya Upanishad – 02 by L Ramaswamy

The celebrated first Mantra of Ishavasya Upanishad, declaring the all-pervasive nature of Lord, is a complete scripture by itself. One should raise one’s vision to perceive the changeless substratum of Brahman which envelopes every aspect of the ever-changing universe. Renunciation is the key to enjoyment. A renunciate is the real monarch of the world. Hence the Mantra instructs the seeker against coveting the wealth of others.

How do we then relate to wealth? How do we calculate usage of money in our lives? Shastras suggest a formula to resolve this.

Audio recording was done on 02-Jul-2017 at Kolkata

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:44 – Invocation
00:01:20 – Upanishad Chanting
00:04:06 – Introduction
00:06:47 – Mantra 1
00:13:26 – Universe is one grand movement
00:19:40 – Verse from Tirumandiram
00:22:52 – Right Perception
00:27:55- Renunciation
00:29:35 – Obstruction to Enjoyment
00:35:04 – Higher Enjoyment
00:40:26 – Renunciation is knowledge
00:43:08 – Do not covet anyone’s wealth
00:47:35 – For whose is the wealth?
00:54:47 – Q & A
00:58:28 – Calculate usage of money
01:03:41 – Bhajan
01:06:14 – Om Poornam Adah

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